Be proactive and choose a Yukon fire restoration company before you need them!

Yukon fire restoration company As with anything when you are overwhelmed and upset, you may be prone to make rash decisions. This can especially be true when it comes to finding a Yukon fire restoration company.

Having a fire in your home can be devastating and emotionally draining, so instead of stopping everything and having to search for the right company to come out or relying on your insurance companies’ recommendation, you should be proactive and have a company in mind ahead of time.  When you do this, you will be prepared and there will not be any delays in your fire restoration.  When it comes to fire restoration, there is more to it than smoke damage and burned items as you need to also consider the water damage that will occur when the fire is being put out.  If the water damage is not handled in a timely manner it can become mold which is not good to be around.

The easiest and most productive way to find a professional company would be to have a checklist ahead of time of what is important when choosing a fire restoration company.  If the company you are considering is lacking in any of these areas, then that should be an indicator to not choose them.

The first thing to look for is that they are certified by IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification).  This is a non-profit accrediting agency who sets industry standards and offers hands-on classes and testing on the best way to inspect, clean and restore items which have water, mold or fire damage.  Learn more about IICRC by visiting their website.

Another thing to look for would be a company who is located within your community and who has experienced employees and the proper equipment to do the job right.  If they are a new company or do not have the proper experience or tools, then this is not in your favor.

It is equally important that they offer 24-hour service and prompt one-hour response to your call.  When it comes to fire and water damage, it is imperative that it is addressed quickly to avoid further problems.

Finally, you should look for a company who has happy clients and positive feedback.  Of course, you should not just take their word for it, you should look at third-party feedback websites to see what you find.  If you see unfavorable feedback, then this should be a huge sign that you should not even think about choosing them.

After you have gone through this checklist, you will see there are several of them out there, but the best fire restoration company in Yukon would be 24 HR Fire and Flood.  They are IICRC Certified, will respond within the hour of your call 24/7, are located within the community and have experienced employees and the right tools for the job as well as happy clients.  Read more about what they have to offer by clicking here.

When you are proactive and are a victim of the fire, it will help relieve some of the stress you will be under.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Fire Restoration in Yukon!

If you live in Yukon and are a victim of a fire, then you need to know the do’s and don’ts of fire restoration.  If you do not know this, then your home may not be restored properly, or you may end up overpaying for work that is not done properly.  The Do’s and Don’ts of Fire Restoration in Yukon!

First, the Do’s:

  • Make sure your family is safe and has a place away from your home. If you do not have a family to stay with, you should find a hotel.  This expense should be covered by your insurance.
  • Make sure you contact your insurance company. As soon as your family is some place safe, the first thing you should do is open an insurance claim, so you can begin the restoration process.
  • Make sure you contact a reputable fire restoration company. There are several different types of restoration companies out there, so it is important that you find one who will take care of you and your home in a professional manner.

The Don’ts:

  • Do not stay in your home if there has been a fire. The smoke is toxic, and it can be left on items throughout your home.  It is important you keep your family away from your home until it has been professionally cleaned.  Also, the structural integrity of the building may be comprised which makes it unsafe to enter your home.
  • Do not throw anything away. It is important that it be carefully notated by your restoration or insurance company so that it can be repaired and or replaced.
  • Do not enter your home until it is safe to do so. Once it is safe to do so, you need to walk through your home with your restoration company and or insurance company to assess the damages and any losses you may have sustained.
  • Do not get discouraged. Having a fire in your home can be upsetting and you can become impatient with the process, but you need to remember this is something that you cannot change, and it is a process to get everything cleaned and restored.  You do not want to rush this it as you want everything restored and cleaned property.

So, in the unfortunate event you have a fire in your Yukon home, you need to exactly what to do to ensure your restoration is done properly.

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