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One of the keys to keeping furniture looking like it is new is to properly care for it. An upholstery cleaning can revive old furniture. 24 HR Fire and Flood is the company that you need to contact if it is time for an upholstery cleaning. We are strong believers in giving excellent customer service.

Upholstery cleaning is one service that can benefit you in many ways. A thorough cleaning can remove allergens and dust mites from your furniture. You will also be able to keep your furniture longer by having the upholstery cleaned. Keeping your furniture longer will help you save money. Furthermore, it is easier to allow someone to do this job for you.

24 HR Fire and Flood has hired qualified people to clean your upholstery. They are committed to making sure that your upholstery is cleaned right. Furthermore, we equip our technicians with the right materials and equipment needed to do the job. We only use things that are superior. They use cleaning solutions that will effectively and safely clean your upholstery.

We want to help protect your furniture and keep it for a long time. Not only will your upholstery be cleaned, but you will be given high-quality service. Make your appointment today.

Upholstery cleaning tags can impact on how you can clean your furniture!

Professional upholstery CleaningWhen you are looking to purchase new furniture, you are probably only looking at price, style, and comfort.  It will probably not even cross your mind to look at the upholstery cleaning tags but it is very important that you do so.  When it comes to keeping your furniture clean, these cleaning tags will tell you the best way to do it.  Whether you can do it yourself, need to hire a professional or only vacuum it.  There are four different types of upholstery cleaning tags, and you should pay attention to them to ensure you not only purchase furniture what looks and feels good, but that can be cleaned as well.   This is especially important if you have children or pets as they tend to be messy and your furniture will need to be cleaned more often.

The cleaning codes should be found on a tag under the cushions.  If you do not see it there, it may be with the tags or documentation paperwork when you purchased it.  If you cannot find the tag, you can go the manufacturer’s website and they will let you know which code it would be.  It is important to pay close attention to these codes so that you do not ruin your furniture by not cleaning it properly.

If you see an “S” on the tag, then it means that it should be dry clean only.  Of course, you may wonder, how can you take your furniture to the dry cleaners, but you can use a special dry-cleaning solvent to clean the upholstery.  This type of upholstery will not do well if it is cleaned with water.  If you choose to use this solvent yourself, it is important that you pay close attention to the instructions or you may end up ruining the upholstery.  If you do not have a lot of experience, you should have a professional take care of this for you.

If you see a “W” on the tag it means that the fabric is extremely durable and you can use water to clean it.  When you use water to clean this material, you do not have to worry about it being ruined.

If you see an “S/W” on the tag it means that you can use water or a dry-cleaning solvent to clean the fabric.  It is rare to see an S/W tag so the fabric can be tricky to get clean.  It would be advised to hire a professional to clean any furniture with this type of tag.

If you see an “X” on the tag, it means the fabric is not cleanable.  If you attempt to clean or hire a professional to clean, the fabric, it will be ruined.  The only way to clean this type of fabric would be to vacuum it.

So, before you purchase any type of upholstered furniture, it is important that you pay close attention to the tag designation and how it can be cleaned.  When you do this, you will be prepared and know when you need to call a professional and when you can do it yourself.  Read more about these upholstery tags by clicking here.

Why is it important to have your upholstery cleaned?

There are many obvious reasons why you should have your upholstery cleaned such as if you spill something on it or it looks dirty.  But there are also other reasons why you should have it professionally cleaned.

Professional upholstery CleaningAs time goes by, the upholstery fabric can appear faded.  Sometimes it is not faded, it just appears so due to dirt build up from it not being cleaned over time. If you have this professionally cleaned it will remove the dirt buildup and revive the colors and original look of the upholstery.  This is an important reason to get your upholstery cleaned regularly because it will keep it looking fresh and new.

If you have pets or smoke, you are probably adapted to the smell, but visitors to your home are not.  Your upholstery will absorb odors and when people come to your house, they will smell your animals and cigarettes.  If you have your upholstery professionally, cleaned, they will use a steamer and chemicals to ensure all the odors have been removed.  When they do this, you will not have to be worried about embarrassing odors coming from your upholstery.

If you or anyone in your home is prone to allergies, then you should get your upholstery cleaned to remove dust and allergens from it. When you have this done, you will not have to worry about your allergies becoming aggravated due to the unclean upholstery.

So, there are many important reasons to have your upholstery professionally cleaned.  If you want to keep your upholstery free from allergens, odors, dirt or to keep it new looking, you should hire a professional upholstery cleaning company today.

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