Trauma Clean-Up

Traumatic loss is one of the most difficult times of anyone's life.  Here at 24 hr Fire and Flood, we are here for you in your time of need.  We strive to be the best in customer care, especially during this trying time.

24 hr Fire and Flood is here for your bio-hazard cleanup service needs in and around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma including Norman, Purcell, Blanchard, Moore, Edmond, Yukon for families and businesses.  We cleanup after suicides, homicides, and business accidents.

Bio-hazard remediation is needed to clean up all the airborne contaminants that could be harmful if left untreated.

  • Requirements for Blood and Bodily Fluid Clean up
  • Compliant with OSHA Regulations
  • Employees must be Hepatitis B Vaccinated
  • Licensed & Bonded
  • Insured
  • Legal Disposal
  • Continuing Education


We have 13 years of experience and research on how to properly dispose of and disinfect a trauma area.  Our employees at 24hr Fire and Flood have been trained to treat and disinfect every trauma scene that goes above and beyond hospital-grade disinfection standards.    They are trained and skilled in removing harmful biological contaminants, even older odors that tend to linger.  24 hr Fire and Flood are remediation specialists and our #1 priority is to get the home or office back to a safe, livable condition.


We understand that this time in your life, you are overwhelmed with what is going on.  At 24 hr fire and flood, we know how to work with your insurance provider, so you can be stress free with the process of the cleanup.  This is a much needed mind easier, making this time of loss easier on you.

1. Control the affected area using plastic sheeting and bio-tape to separate the affected area preventing cross contamination.
◦ There are three zones during this process.  Control Zone is the affected area, where work will be done.  Buffer Zone is where our technicians will put on protective suits and fill disposal boxes or buckets. Clean Zone is designated to store tools and equipment, in order to prevent cross contamination.
◦ We treat all contaminated areas as if they are the worse.  According to the CDC, one in 24 people have one of the following: HIV, AIDS, HEP A & C.  Because of this, every cleanup, our employees are fully protected in their suits, Personal protective Equipment, and double layer gloves.
2. Bio-hazard Cleaning and Structural Removal
◦ Cleaning starts with removing all the things that are around/in the contaminated area (dirt, blood, chemicals, and biological matters) from the control zone.
◦ Sanitation requires our technicians to treat the control zone with disinfectants.  How they do this is by spraying in precise intervals.  After this process, everything in the control and buffer zones are wiped again with the same product that the hospitals use to make sure the sanitation level is normal, called adenosine triphosphate fluorescence testing.
3. Deodorization will be the final step in 2h hr Fire and Flood's process for remediation.  This helps with any lingering odors.

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