Helpful tips to consider when looking for Mustang fire restoration contractors!

Mustang Fire Damage RestorationIf you have had a fire in your Mustang home, then you should follow these helpful tips when looking for fire restoration contractors.  If you follow these tips, you should be able to find the best contractor and be on your way to having your home restored back to the way it was in no time at all.

The first tip would be to only choose a contractor who is licensed, insured and bonded.  If the damage to your home exceeds $500, then it is imperative they be a licensed restoration contractor.  To verify they are fully licensed, you can contact your states licensing board.  It is equally important that they have liability insurance as well as workman’s compensation insurance as it will protect you in the event there was an injury, or something went wrong during the restoration. Finally, it is important that the contractor you choose be bonded for any work that will exceed $500 to ensure everything will be covered in the event it is not done correctly.

The second tip would be to know what services the restoration contractor offers.  When you have a fire, it is important they cover fire and smoke damage but also water and mold damage because this can be a result of putting out the fire.  If they do not have ample experience in all these different types of restorations, then corners may be cut, or something may not be done correctly.  To ensure you get the best possible contractor, you need to choose one who specializes in all four things.

The third tip would be to choose a contractor who has good ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and good client feedback.  The BBB rating is important because they set ethical business standards and help you identify trustworthy businesses.  If the contractor has a low rating from BBB, then you should avoid choosing them.  Visit this website to learn more about what the BBB and what their ratings mean.  It is equally important to look at client feedback as it will allow you to get a firsthand account of how they were treated and the results they received.  The feedback should be obtained from multiple sources to ensure it is not biased one way or another.  If you see the contractor has had any negative feedback, then this should be a good indicator to not choose them.

The fourth tip is to schedule an appointment with the contractors you like the best, so you can ask them questions as well as to see what they have to say.  Some questions you should consider asking the contractors would be:

  • Who would be your point of contact during the restoration?
  • How long do they expect the restoration to take?
  • What time will they begin work in the morning and stop work in the evenings?
  • Do they guarantee their work?

Once you have gone through this process, you will see that 24 HR Fire and Flood is the best fire restoration contractor in Mustang and you will be one step closer to being back in your home.

What to expect with fire restoration in your Mustang home

With a fire comes a lot of stress wondering what has been destroyed, what can be restored and how long it will take.  To understand the fire damage in your Mustang home, you will need to know what to expect with the restoration process.  If you do not know what to expect then you may settle for less and this would be a travesty since this is your home and most likely your biggest financial investment.

Mustang Fire Damage RestorationThere is more to fire damage than burned items and smoke damage.  You will also need to consider the smoke odor damage and the possible water and mold damage.  Some of the damage may not be noticeable so it is imperative you contact 24 HR Fire and Flood as soon as possible to begin the restoration process.

When 24 HR Fire and Flood arrives, they will first secure your home to ensure that further damage is avoided.  This can include tarping your roof to avoid rainwater getting in your home as well as boarding up your windows and doors.  When they board up their windows and doors it also protects your home from potential vandals, thieves or critters.

Once everything has been secured, they will do a walk-through of your home to do an assessment of what has been damaged.  This will include any fire, smoke, water, and potential for mold damage.  They will then create a detailed plan on how they will clean, restore and replace anything which has been damaged.  The first thing they will tackle would be removing the water from your home.  If this is not removed promptly, it can result in structural damage and mold growth.  When they do this, they will use wet vacuums, large fans, and dehumidifiers.  This is important because if the humidity is not at the right level, then you will see mold growth. If mold were to grow in your home, it can cause adverse health reactions to those who are in sensitive health groups.  They will then begin removing anything which is not salvageable and then cleaning all the soot and smoke from the walls and furnishings.  The smoke and soot can leave behind harmful substances, so they ensure they go above and beyond to remove this from your home.  They will then begin removing and cleaning anything which has smoke odor on it.  After this has been done, they will then begin rebuilding and restoring anything else which has been damaged.

Over the course of your restoration, 24 HR Fire and Flood will keep you apprised of the progress as well as discuss any challenges which may arise.  Read more about what they have to offer by clicking here.

So, when it comes to fire restoration in your Mustang home, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of when you contact 24 HR Fire and Flood.

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