Mold Remediation

Mold Restoration is Necessary for Your Health and Well Being

How Does the Mold Get Here?

Any type of water or dampness that gets into your house can quickly morph into a mold infestation. A leaking pipe, water seepage from storm water, mold is one of the worst contaminants inside a home and the growth of mold can start in as little as forty-eight hours. Mold spores are naturally occurring in the air, damp spaces provide them with an environment ripe for breeding. Mold warning signs include dark spots on your walls, ceiling, or floors. Once these spores start to spread and grow they can begin to cause health issues for your family. Allergic reactions, asthma aggravation, headaches, skin reactions, fatigue, and breathing difficulties can all be caused by mold overgrowth inside your home. It is imperative to tackle a mold problem before it goes too far.

Mold Remediation and Restoration are Key

Once you notice a mold issue in your home, swift remediation is the key to preventing long term mold damage. Mold can grow anywhere in your home. Your drywall, your insulation, nowhere in your home is safe from the threat of mold. Keeping your home at higher than normal humidity also encourages the growth of mold. It is imperative that you locate and begin to tackle the mold before the infestation becomes worse. Luckily mold remediation services are available quickly in your area. Our highly trained professionals will use the latest technology to locate and begin treating your infestation.

How is it Mold Restoration Accomplished?

Mold RemediationThe first step in mold restoration is an evaluation by a trained professional. Our vetted technician will examine the places in your home most vulnerable to mold growth, starting with the areas you suspect to have mold. The inspection will include your foundation, your drywall, your roof, your insulation, your heating and cooling systems, and all of the other areas susceptible to moisture and humidity. All water leaking and seepage issues must be addressed before mold restoration can begin. Professionals employ industrial grade dehumidifiers, fans, and water extractors to quickly balance the humidity and water issues in your home. They then contain the affected areas and begin cleaning the areas and items where the mold has grown. After the mold has been removed, products are applied to inhibit future mold growth, then your home is sanitized and deodorized through an air purification process.

What Can I Do to Prevent and Inhibit Mold Growth

Mold is a common issue in a lot of homes. Because mold spores are naturally occurring, there is no way to eliminate them, so prevention and quick response are the keys to containing mold growth in your home. Humidity in your home should be contained to no more than 45%, use dehumidifiers when they weather is wet and especially when you are using air conditioning. Keep an eye on places such as basements and your plumbing for water issues. Most of all, if you suspect a mold overgrowth in your home, do not hesitate to call in your professionals for an immediate assessment. Your quick thinking will save you from expensive property damage and health issues. Mold is such a pervasive and insidious issue that there are experts available 24 hours a day to schedule appointments and give you advice on how to put stop gap measures into place until a professional can be at your home.

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Mold Remediation AssistanceIf you have any kind of water damage to your home, even if it's minor, it could lead to mold growth. Not only can mold cause damage in your home, but it also can lead to health problems for you and your family. If you find or suspect mold, you need to call a mold remediation company such as 24 HR Fire and Flood. We will take care of your mold problem and provide you with excellent customer service.

Having a professional like 24 HR Fire and Flood take care of your mold remediation problems has some benefits, not the least of which is ensuring that mold is eliminated from your home, which helps to protect the investment you have made. Another benefit to mold remediation is that it makes your home more healthy. Mold is linked to a number of health problems, including respiratory and skin issues, so getting rid of it can help prevent those.

When you hire 24 HR Fire and Flood, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. We employ only experienced and professional technicians who you can trust coming into your home. They also use only the safest and most superior mold removal equipment and techniques, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your family or pets.

If you find mold in your home, call 24 HR Fire and Flood for your mold remediation work. We will do the job right while providing you with excellent customer service.

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