Fire Damage Restoration in Midwest City!

Fire Damage Restoration in Midwest City!When you live in Midwest City and have fire damage in your home, you need to find the perfect restoration company.  With a home fire, there is more to it than burned items and smoke or soot damage.  Rooms in your home which may not have even been touched by the fire can still have smoke odor damage.  These items will need to be professionally cleaned and restored and sometimes even replaced to remove all the smoke odor.    You also need to consider the damage to your home from the water used to put out the fire.  If the water damage is not treated as needed, it can lead to mold growth.  Mold can cause adverse health problems for those who are in sensitive health groups. Read more about how mold can affect your health by visiting this website.  So, once the smoke has cleared and you have contacted your insurance company, you should then contact a reputable fire damage restoration company.

Once you contact a reputable restoration company, they should be able to get to your home within the hour to begin securing it from vandals/thieves and other damage.  To do this, they may need to put a tarp on your roof to protect it from rain as well as critters from entering your home.  They will then begin boarding up any doors and windows to ward off trespassers, vandals or possible thieves.  When you have a fire in your home, it is in your best interest to not sleep in your home until the smoke smell has gone away and you have been given the all clear. Most homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost for you to go to a hotel, so make sure you check with them about this.

After your home has been secured, the restoration company will begin inspecting it to see what damage has occurred and what they need to begin taking care of first.  Typically, in a fire, the first thing they will take care of would be removing the water and drying out your home.  If this is not taken care of within 48 hours, mold can begin growing and spreading. This can occur on and in your walls as well as on and under your flooring. As they are drying out your home, they will use fans, dehumidifiers and the latest technological equipment to ensure the water has been properly removed and the humidity is where it needs to be.

Now that the water has been removed and everything has been dried out they will begin removing and cleaning soot from all surfaces.  In some instances, the soot may not be able to be removed or cleaned, so the only option would be to restore or replace the item.

After everything possible has been cleaned, they will begin the restoration process on the fire-damaged areas.  In some instances, the items may be burned beyond restoration, so they will need to be replaced.

The restoration company you choose should respect you and your home by including you in all decisions.  They should also show compassion and patience as this will be an overwhelming time for you and they need to be considerate of what you are going through.

So, if you have fire damage in your Midwest City home, you need to ensure you take the time to find a reputable restoration company who will take care of you and your home.

Qualities to look for in a Midwest City Fire Restoration Company!

When looking for a Midwest City Fire Restoration Company, there are several important qualities to be on the lookout for.  If you take the time to identify these qualities, then you can feel confident that the company is the right one for you.

Midwest City Fire Restoration CompanyThe first quality would be that they are available 24 /7 and can arrive at your home within one hour of your call.  This is vital because when you have a fire in your home, you want to work with a company who knows how urgent it is to get your house secure and begin the cleaning process promptly.

Another quality would be that the company is IICRC Certified.  This certification shows they know the proper protocol and standards to follow to properly inspect, clean and restore your home.  If they do not have this certification, then they may be winging it which is not good for the integrity of your home.

Finally, it would be a good idea to work with a locally owned and operated company who has a vested interest in ensuring their community thrives and is properly taken care of.  When you work with a company, you want to have confidence in their abilities and that they care for you and will get you back in your home in an expedient manner.

After going through this process, you will see that 24 Hour Fire and Flood is the best Midwest City Fire Restoration Company, and they will take care of you throughout the entire process.  Read more about what great things they have to offer by clicking here.

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