Where there is water, there can be mold…Contact the best Oklahoma mold restoration company today!

Harrah Oklahoma Mold Restoration ServicesIf you have had a leaky pipe or a flood in your home due to excessive rain, you need to contact a professional as soon as possible. If you do not do this, then it can lead to the growth of mold which can be harmful to your health. The best Harrah, Oklahoma mold restoration company would be 24 HR Fire and Flood.

If you do not take care of water damage and thoroughly clean all the areas, this is when mold can grow. Oftentimes you will see the mold, but sometimes it may be in the walls between the studs so you will not be able to see it, but you will be able to smell it. To avoid this or get rid of the mold, you need to hire a professional to take care of it.

Having mold in your house is not good for your health, especially for the elderly, infants, if you have asthma, lung conditions, pre-existing illnesses, compromised immune system, or have allergies. The reaction to mold can present itself in many ways but has often been compared to having an allergic reaction and can include irritated eyes, nasal stuffiness, wheezing, coughing or skin irritation. Although not medically proven, some say that the mold gave them toxic related illnesses such as respiratory infection, bronchitis, sinusitis, cancer, lung hemorrhaging, and brain damage.

Types of Mold That can be Found in Your Harrah Home

Types of Mold That can be Found in Your Harrah HomeThere are over 1000 different varieties of indoor mold and the 3 most common types include the following:

  • Aspergillus - This type of mold is typically found in hollow doors, air conditioning systems and it can also grow on food.
  • Cladosporium – This type of mold is typically found in toilets, painted surfaces, air ducts, tile & grout, and foamboard.
  • Stachybotrys Chartarum – Otherwise known as black mold can typically be found on drywall and other places throughout the house.

Of course, these different types of mold can be found in other areas of your home. So, if you see mold or smell something musty then you need to contact 24 HR Fire and Flood to remove it and do what it takes to prevent it from coming back again. The best way to prevent mold from returning would be to keep things dry, have proper ventilation in kitchen and bathrooms, make sure that the indoor humidity does not exceed 55% during the summer and 30% in the fall. You can check the humidity in your home by purchasing a hygrometer. You can also purchase a dehumidifier to help you maintain proper levels of humidity.

So, whether you have flood damage or a busted pipe, it is important that you promptly get the water cleaned up to prevent mold growth. If the mold has already grown or you smell a musty odor, then there is probably mold present whether you see it or not. In any of these situations, you should contact 24 HR Fire and Flood as they are the best mold restoration company in Oklahoma.

How do you know you need Oklahoma mold restoration services!

The easy answer to this is if you see or smell mold in your Oklahoma home, then you may need restoration services. If the mold is less than 10 square feet then you can attempt to remove it yourself. However, if it exceeds this size or you believe it is inside your walls then you should contact 24 HR Fire and Flood as they have ample experience helping their clients remove mold from their home.

Harrah Oklahoma Mold Restoration ServicesIf you see a small patch of mold you can attempt to remove it yourself. When you do this, you need to ensure you wear proper protective clothing and a mask. You will then have the option of using an over the counter mold remover or you can use items found around your home to remove it. If you want to use natural cleaners, you can opt for hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, vinegar or baking soda. You can also use bleach or ammonia but these are considered toxic and should never be mixed together. It is important to note that sometimes cleaning alone will not remove the mold and you may need to remove the drywall to get rid of it.

If you are unsure if you can handle it yourself, then you should go ahead and contact 24 HR Fire and Flood. With their expertise, they will be able to take care of your mold problem and take proper measures to ensure that it does not return. Read more about what they can do for you by clicking here.

So, if you live in Oklahoma and see or smell mold, then you may need mold restoration services to eliminate it.

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