What restoration services can you expect if you have fire damage in your Edmund home?

Edmond Fire Damage RestorationIf you have fire damage in your Edmund home, you should expect the highest-level restoration services possible!  You should never settle for less than the absolute best.  When you work with a fire restoration company, you should expect to receive the following services.

They should come out to your home promptly, within the hour of your call to assess the damage and begin securing your home.  After the fire department leaves, and it has been deemed safe, the fire restoration company, will board up any windows and or doors and tarp your roof.  This is important because it protects your home from further damage if it rains as well as from critters entering your home.  Of course, it will also protect your home from someone entering it without your permission.

Once your home is secure, they will then do a walk through with you to gauge the damage and take inventory of your loss.  They will then begin the process of drying up the water which was used to extinguish the fire.  This will require them to use a wet vacuum, fans, and a dehumidifier to ensure the area is dry and the humidity level is where it needs to be.  If this is not taken care of in an expedient manner, then it could lead to dangerous mold growth which can be harmful to you to be around.  After everything is dried out, they will then remove any damaged drywall, flooring, appliances and other items and begin the restoration process.

Another thing that is important for them to do is to perform an assessment of items which may have smoke odor damage.  The smoke from a fire can be toxic to be around and leave behind harmful particles which can make you sick or aggravate your allergies.  It is important that all these items and rooms be professionally and properly cleaned.  The fire restoration company will take care of this for you.

Throughout this process, the fire damage restoration company will stay in close contact with you to keep you apprised of their progress as well to get your approval for any necessary changes.  To ensure you receive the absolute best possible service, it is important to only work with the most qualified fire restoration company who provides the right services to take care of your Edmund home.

How to find the perfect fire restoration company in Edmund?

perfect fire restoration company in EdmundIf you live in Edmund and are looking for the perfect fire restoration company, you will need to know what you should be looking for.  If you do not know what is important to look for, then you may end up choosing one who is not good and who will do a poor job with the restoration.

One of the most important things to look for is that they are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC).  This Institute is a non-profit and provides and develops certifications and standards used for inspection, cleaning, and restoration.  They can also provide you with a list of certified technicians and companies in your area.  If the company you are choosing does not have this important certification, then they may not inspect, clean and restore your home properly.  Learn more about IICRC and their certifications by visiting their website.

Another important thing to look for is that the company is properly insured.  If they do not have full insurance coverage and one of their employees was hurt on your property or if they damaged something, then you would be liable to cover the costs.  If this were to happen, then it would first go to your homeowner’s insurance and if they denied the claim, then it would be solely up to you to cover the cost of any injuries and or damages.  Even if they cover the claim, you may see the repercussions by paying an increased insurance premium.  To avoid this headache, you should always verify they have proof of full insurance coverage.

The next thing to look for would be what rating the fire restoration company has with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  The BBB is the place to go for verified and unbiased information on businesses ethical behavior and their trustworthiness.  If they are not ethical and you cannot trust them, then you should not choose them. The ratings from the BBB range from A+ being good all the way to an F which is not so good.

Finally, you should look at client feedback and testimonials.  When you do this, it is important that you obtain this from multiple third-party feedback websites to ensure it is not biased. As you are doing, this, you should forego choosing a company who has negative feedback as this is indicative of the service you may receive.

After you have gone through this process, you will see that 24 HR Fire and Flood fits the bill and is the perfect company in Edmund to help you with your fire damage restoration.  Once they are called, they will arrive at your home with an hour, they are IICRC certified, have a good rating with BBB as well as have positive client feedback.  Read more about what fire restoration services they offer by clicking here.

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