Ceiling and Wall Cleaning in Norman, Oklahoma

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning in Norman, OklahomaCeiling and wall cleaning is an annual, semi annual part of maintenance cleaning that is needed in your home or business. Ceiling and walls are exposed to tiny hands, pet prints and dander, grease, dust, cigarette smoke, and much more. Ceiling cleaning consists of dusting with ceiling mops.

Wall cleaning, we can either use a wall mop or by hand with vinegar and hot water.  Depending on the job type, 24 hr fire and flood will determine how we will be cleaning it.

Plan on painting? Let us wash your walls first so all primer and paint adheres correctly.  The best paint to wash is the glossy finish.

Why is it important to clean your walls and ceilings?

As a homeowner, there are several things you need to do to ensure your home is maintained properly.  The better you maintain your home, the better it is overall for you and your health.  Something you may not have even considered doing is cleaning your walls and ceilings.  Of course, when you see a smudge on your wall, you will clean it, but did you know there are several contaminants which can be found on your walls that you may not be able to see. These can include but are not limited to nicotine, cobwebs, dust, pet dander, bacteria, mold, splattered food, food grease, and fingerprint grease.  If you do not get them professionally cleaned it can begin to build up and can affect your overall health as they can aggravate breathing and affect your allergies.

You should also have your ceiling and walls professionally cleaned if you are considering painting your walls.  Sometimes, when you have them cleaned, they will look as good as new and you will not have to paint them.  If you do choose to paint them, you will not have to worry about any stains bleeding through your new paint.

It would also be a good idea to call a professional if you are not physically able to clean your ceiling and walls.  If you are elderly, have mobility issues or any other condition which will restrict you from climbing a ladder for ceiling and wall cleaning, then it is a no-brainer to call a professional.

Another reason to have a professional come out is if you simply do not have time to do it yourself.  If you do not have the time to research on the proper way to do it and have the time to implement your findings, it can result in you creating a bigger mess which may not be able to be easily corrected.

So, if you own a home, you should contact 24 HR Fire and Flood located locally in Norman, Oklahoma, and they will come out and make sure all your ceilings and walls are properly cleaned.

Should you make cleaning your ceiling and walls a DIY project?

When it comes to cleaning your ceiling and walls, it can be difficult to take it on as a DIY project.  Click here to read more about the steps involved if you were to attempt to do this yourself.   The reason why you should hire a professional is there are a lot of cleaning chemicals out there which are good for cleaning counters, floors, tiles, bathtubs, and windows, but when you put them on your ceiling and walls it can damage the paint and or plaster.  Also, the chemical odors will not be good to breathe in without the proper safety masks and equipment.  When you hire a professional, they will know exactly what to use and have the proper safety equipment to get the job done effectively and efficiently.  If requested, these professionals will utilize an eco-friendly cleaner that is better for the environment.

Norman OK Ceiling and Wall CleaningAnother reason is that it may seem easy when you are standing and cleaning, but when you need to get on a ladder and look up, it can be disorienting and you can hurt yourself.  Also, if you do not have a ladder, you will need to either buy or rent one.  A professional company will have the necessary equipment and know the best way to use it to clean the ceiling and walls.

There may also be stains on your walls which can be difficult to clean and if you try to paint over it, it will bleed through the paint.  When you contact a professional, they have special solvents they use to remove the stain without damaging the paint and or plaster.

Also, if you try to do this yourself and do not do it properly, your walls will look smeared as all the contaminants may not have been fully removed resulting in a milky film over them.  When you contact a professional, your walls will look like new or be ready for a fresh coat of paint.

So, when it comes to ceiling and wall cleaning, you should not attempt to do it yourself, unless you have ample DIY experience.  If you do not feel comfortable with your DIY abilities, you should leave it to the capable hands of a professional like 24 HR Fire and Flood.  When you do this, it will take all the worry out of cleaning and within a day or two everything will be fresh and clean. Cleaning Service Tips Blog

Power Washing

It is always a good time to get the big gun out and start spraying with water.  24 hr Fire and Water has several power washers for any type of job.  From your front porch, driveway, swimming pools, garage and service areas, graffiti, patios, grave stones, barns, parking lots, trash areas, kennels, siding, storage areas, the list is goes on and on.

Click here to know about Natural Disaster Clean-Up!

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